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Before proceeding CHECK!

A phishing website (sometimes called a “spoofed” site) is made by hackers which, tries to steal your account password or other confidential information by tricking you into believing you’re on a legitimate website and you could even land on a phishing site by mistyping a URL (web address).

E.g – Legit site – ” www.paypal.com ” | Mistyped site – ” www.paypai.com “

You will get this kind of website links from Email phishing like asking you to change your password or change some of your personal information.

First of all whenever you enter a website you must check for this.


What is HTTPS , SSL , TLS and HTTP ? “You can click on the acronyms and read more about it”

Put it this way HTTPS , SSL and TLS is about the same but HTTP is not secure for better understanding for more and advance stuffs you can go on to Wikipedia and search.

HTTPS is secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website that you are connected to. The ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS stands for ‘Secure’. It means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted.

The differences between the two protocols (SSL/TLS) are very minor and technical, but they are different standards. TLS uses stronger encryption algorithms and has the ability to work on different ports. Additionally, TLS version 1.0 does not interoperate with SSL version 3.0

In HTTP whatever you do / send and receive from the website and your client (browser) it is visible as plain text format.

E.g- Registering for the website, you fill in the form, your password and other personal information is easily sniffed(viewed) by hacker using programs.

So when you are viewing sites check on the URL tab and see if its secure / HTTPS before doing anything but  having a SSL/TLS certificate(HTTPS) is expensive some company can’t to afford it, visit at your own risk !

You can know more about the certificates just by clicking on the small “Lock” beside the link.


  • Always check the URL bar if it supports HTTPS before browsing this is the part which people will never notice.
  • Always check the URL if it is typed in properly before entering the site.
  • Using Brave Browser (A browser which provides you all the built in plugins)
  • Enable Ad-Blockers !  *Bonus- Ads maybe encoded with virus / malware so if you accidentally clicked on that you’re already infected without knowing*

Thank you for reading!

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