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Where To Get CrytoCurrency Wallets

What are wallets / cold wallets ?

  • There are many software / websites out there supporting their kind of wallets.
  • It is use to store bitcoins like a traditional wallets storing paper cash.
  • Wallets that are supported on web-based tend to be a risk, they can see what transactions goes in and out and they have controls over those wallets.
  • Cold Wallets are known as offline/paper, it backed up / given by websites in formats known as “Seeds / Passphrase / Private key / Public Key ” every time when you back up a wallet, it will suggest you to write down those information down keep it safely make 2-3 copies and never let people who you don’t trust know those information and keep it safely in a safe and placing it in multiple places to prevent loss if there was a fire hazard or flood nothings predictable.
  • Those Seeds / Passphrase / Private Key / Public Keys are use to restore a wallet if you accidentally deleted it or lose it. Most wallets would allow you to encrypt the file with Password A.K.A “Passphrase”
  • Hardware wallets are sold by companies like a thumb drive small device which allows you to see store your wallet inside of it safely. (No internet = no hackers, BUT if your computer is infested with malware it might be affected too)
  • GUI Wallet are developed by developers who are skilled to improve the interface of cryptocurrency wallets. “You can say its offline / online wallet they provide u with backups and have no control with your wallet.

Securing them

  • Do us anti-virus for your computer to check for malicious applications that are spying on you.
  • Never let anyone know your private key / passphrase.
  • Never store information about the wallet online as hackers may breach the systems and obtain all the information.
  • Back up the file (Keystore / JSON) given if there is.
  • Always protect files you store information about your wallet with unbreakable password that only you know! “Use Symbols Upper/Lower case and numbers”
  • Print out at least 2~4 paper wallet store them in secure and different places.

Wow where do i get them ?!

GUI Wallets 

  • Electrum  | Only support bitcoins but can also be used in hardware wallets.
  • Exodus | Known as multi-signature wallet it support many type of coins also provide features to exchange coins. It only supports on Desktop *Bonus it has sleek interface*
  • Jaxx    | Known as multi-signature wallet support many types of coins also provide features to exchange coins but it can be used on Mobile and Desktop

Hardware Wallet

Paper Wallet + Guide

Always remember your passphrase and never lose the piece of paper if you do *YOUR WALLET IS GONE FOREVER*

Ledger Wallet protects your bitcoins

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