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You are being watched legally/illegally!


In this section you will learn what are the benefits of having a VPN and how you can protect yourself!

Short Introduction of VPN.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network
It allows users to access a private network and share data remotely through public networks. Much like a firewall protects your data on your computer, VPNs protect it online.
You must be thinking my internet at home are also highly secure, why do i need to get a VPN?

A video by ExpressVPN

Your ISP will have all your browsing histories/logs.

The ISP will keep my data safe and not share it with anyone?

Actually, they will keep your browsing histories/logs and sell it to marketing company and if government agencies ask for your browsing histories/logs to check on a case or whatever, the ISP must be able to provide them with those information. It legal for them to do that.


“ISP = Internet Service Provider” E.g- Singtel, M1, Digi, AT&T, etc

Some people do have valuable information, photos, messages or something they do no want to let anyone knowing it. But your ISP knows everything. With VPN they know nothing about your browsing histories/logs.

Keep your information safe.

Lets say if you’re on a free WiFi hotspot. With VPN you will get an encrypted tunnel and you’re safe from Eavesdroppers & hackers. If you connect to it without a VPN your connection is not secure if you login to your bank account and do some transactions Eavesdroppers and hackers are able to view those sensitive information with their programs.

Unblocking websites from restricted areas.

Lets say you’re at China, You want to visit Facebook but its blocked, you can easily connect to a VPN from Singapore and you are allowed to visit Facebook at China.


Facts you didn’t know!

  1. Your internet activity are being monitored by your ISP / Government.
  2. VPN is similar to a firewall, except it is untraceable.
  3. VPNs can save you money on hotels and flights as long as you are connected to the place that you want to travel with Private tab.
  4. VPN can speed up your internet for streaming.
  5. Unblock yourself from website you can’t visit which your ISP blocked

To learn more about techniques of hackers you can visit this post here!

Here is the comparison / differences of a Free and Paid VPN.

Free VPN

  • Unstable connections and slow speeds.
  • Sell your information to 3rd party advertisers.
  • Insert java or scripts into your computer for advertising.
  • Often ban HTTPS browsing.
  • Use basic insecure protocols.
  • No customer support.
  • Limited usages e.g 1 month 10 gb of usage.

Paid VPN

  • Premium Customer Service
  • Large number of servers in multiple locations.
  • More Bandwidth.
  • Multi-device use.
  • High level encryption.
  • Stable and fast Connections.
  • Unlimited usages.

When i first start of using VPN, I would choose the free option, I didn’t think that having a paid VPN would do me any good until i discover Free VPN uses PPTP which is a very not safe to use at all.

Free VPN gives you high anonymity levels, thus you are not require to register under any platform to use it. E.g- Tor

Before you get any VPN, please read their features and privacy policy, most famous branded VPNs allow you to be 100% anonymous even police ask for it they do not have any information cause they do no keep any logs!

Big or Small Companies even startups

Most uses VPNs to prevent their projects, payrolls,  product catalog and customer/employee information being leaked out. Having a secure network and convenient data sharing between offices, and for connecting remote employees to central work servers. Websites they use can visit can help to prevent malware from affecting its users and to ensure a fast load time.


Uses VPN and the reasons are, language barriers and government censorship, internet use while abroad can be slow and frustrating. Relaying on unfamiliar networks and securities issues on free WiFi isn’t really a good idea so using a VPN eliminates all those problems.


Are people who download stuffs from the internet be it illegal or legal, you don’t want to be watched by the company you got your stuffs downloaded from like premium software which is cracked and you got for free. The worst of all is being detected, the worst is being summon to court and pay a big sum of fine for violating their T&C. VPN encrypt your IP address so, it’s virtually untraceable and it’s the only safe way to securely download.

“With Highly Skilled Lv 1000 White/Black Hats they are still able to track you down, it takes a huge amount of time and skill to do but not likely.”

“This includes musics, videos, pictures which include copyrights”

Student / Workers

Surfing the net with Wireless@SG / Starbucks or free WiFi? It’s not safe to cause the network is unsecured other people who have the skills are able to access your activity and may attempt to steal your account information, business/project researches and your job / grades are at risks.

Some examples what can they do

  • For students, delete all your research for your project / using the account information especially school network sending out emails which can get you to trouble.
  • For workers, stealing your business data research giving out to competitors, using your workers information to hack into the company’s network stealing everything but at the end its UNDER your name, Sending out emails to get you into trouble.

This is the providers, I am very happy about! What are you waiting for?! Get one now while prices are incredibility reasonable! 

Windscribe | Free | Paid

Price : 1 Year $49.95 ($4.08Monthly) | $9 Monthly

“3 Days money-back Guarantee!”


  • No Logs
  • Netflix
  • Fast speeds
  • High Encryption
  • Easy to use
  • Double Hop
  • High anonymity level
  • Unlimited Usage of Devices
  • Unlimited Days of trials but limited to Usages


  • 10 Gb / Month (Free User)
  • 11 Countries (Free User)
  • No Android (Coming Soon)
  • Account sharing is prohibited

VPN Unlimited | Free | Paid

Price : Life-Time $149.99 | 1 Year $49.99 ($4.17 Monthly) | 1 Month $9.99

“7 Days money-back Guarantee!”


  • Do Not Keep Logs
  • Fast Speed
  • High Encryption
  • Easy to Use
  • High Anonymity
  • Offers Life-Time package


  • Limited Devices (5) *can addon*
  • 7 Day trial
  • Netflix *If you’re lucky you can*

ExpressVPN | Free | Paid

Price: 1 Year $99.95 ($8.32 Monthly) | 6 Months $59.95 ($9.99 Monthly) | 1 Month $12.95

“30 Days money-back Guarantee!”


  • Listed as the best VPN provider.
  • Do Not Keep Logs.
  • 1500 Servers.
  • 94 Countries.
  • Good customer service .


  • Must pay first but. 30 days money-back means 30 days free trial!
  • 3 Devices per license

Thank you for reading!

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