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Hello, Thank you for visiting this page, I’m sick and tired of scams on FB groups getting free bitcoins or investing in this get 2x of it back etc…. Seriously don’t be fooled by them and those platform below I talk about is to minimized the risk and maximize your profits!

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My List Of Investment, Join me and let’s make big money!

If you have knowledge on trading “Buying & Selling” then do it at your own risk, Not recommended if you have no knowledge you will end up losing all your money.

I make the money work for me ūüôā

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Investment Sum out
Started off with $100 and ... Investment Portfolio a.k.a Proof for my earnings

Cloud Mining Services

Recommended $ to start off with Cloud Mining $600 ~ $1000, Once you finish reading this scroll down for more!

I highly recommend people to start off with cloud mining as an investment because its trusted, running for many years, has their own land you can visit their mining farms its totally transparent!

Unlike lending platforms its very risky you don’t know where is their office, the people behind it and much more anonymous activity behind it.

So why cloud mining? Recommendation – “If there are contracts at” Genesis Mining > BitClub Network > HashFlare | “No more contracts at GM” BitClub Network > GM > HF

1- Genesis Mining > Investments plan for BitCoin mining [SHA-256] is “open-ended” meaning it will be running as long as its profitable. [Recommended $ to start $300]

Q: What if Genesis Mining is not profitable anymore?

A: Fear not if mining bitcoin is not profitable anymore they will continue to run the contracts for 60 days if its profitable within the 60 days your contracts will keep running until one day mining it is really not profitable and they will close the contracts.

2- BitClub Network > You are buying Shares not HashPower and the contracts here runs for 1000 days [Recommended $ to start $600~$3500]

Q: What do you mean by Shares not Hashpower? 

A:¬†Hash-Powers fully depend on mining difficultly and price of bitcoin to determine the profit you are going to earn that day, whereas shares doesn’t really care about mining difficultly as long as today they earn “x” amount of bitcoin the will split it among the share holders, and they are going to add more hash-power to increase the profitability.

A: Shares e.g today BCN mined a total of 10 bitcoins and there are 10 shares holder each of them are going to receive 1 bitcoin and minus away maintenance fees from the shares -50%

Q: How much will I earn on BitClub Network?

A: I can’t really give you an EST. bitcoins that you’re going to earn or an ROI, Its totally depending on the difficulty of bitcoin mining and hashpower available for BCN.

A: Bonus! BCN are going to add in more hashpower into their network so the more hashpower they going to add the more profitable it is!

3- HashFlare > You are also buying HashPower here but I do not recommend it. [Recommend $ to start $100~$300]

Q: Why not HashFlare? 

A:¬†HashFlare contracts are running for only 1 year and after that you will have to pay again for hashpower… So if you do not have enough to start off but really want to mine go to HashFlare and its min of $10 to start.

4- How to you calculate the profit for Hash Power?

Head over to “CoinWarz”¬†> Input the “HashPower”¬†|¬†“Pool Fees = 25~30%” |¬†“HardWare cost = Plan’s Price”¬†|¬†“Power Cost = $0”

Note* No Financial Advise given, Only recommendation, Invest at your own Risk! 

Stand a chance to win $50 Worth Of ETH!

Lifetime passive income [FOREVER]

They are here to bring cryptocurrency mining into the investment industry as a new form of investment. Instead of tradition investments like,¬†Stocks, Property, etc.¬†They believe bitcoin has a long and significant role in the new monetary system that is slowly forming its way to the be recognized and being massed adopted by people all around the globe. With Ice Rock, Investors can become a part of their company as a partner and share in the realization of profits being made by cryptocurrency mining, while assuring investors a¬†stable and passive income.¬†They can assure investors a stable investment it is because of their¬†low cost, operation and mining facility¬†therefore those¬†saving could be passed on to investors. With today’s mining equipment, their ROI¬†-“Return On Investment”¬†to investors is over¬†200% per year, and¬†could¬†increase if the price of bitcoin appreciates. In future there would be more powerful mining equipment being invented therefore cryptocurrency will always be profitable. [READ MORE]

Similar as buying mining contracts BUT Genesis mining contracts are always sold out and they sell Hash Powers, BitClub Network sells you shares like buying shares in a company and getting paid daily.

They also provide Debit Card that is connected to your account to so you don’t need to go through an exchange to cash out your bitcoin.

Join me here!

Who is BitClub Network?

They helping to educate people on Bitcoin and the entire Digital Assets class.

Their goal is to provide many opportunities for BitClub members to take part in and one of the best ways to earn Bitcoin and other digital tokens is through their mining pools.

They also take up 1%+ of Hashrate distributions.

How much can you profit from it?

You need to roughly get $600 to start off and the contracts runs a 1000 days = 2 years ++ about 3 years,

Lets put it in the worst case scenario, each day you get 0.001 BTC within 1000 days you get 1 Bitcoin, of course its only the worse case you will be getting more than 0.001 depending on that day’s profit from mining and amount of share holders.

They are going to add more Hash power for the next few months so the more they add the more profit we are!

Note* They do not allow registrations for the United States Of America so Rest of the world hurry up and join once they open up for USA, the website should explode.

“Read more about BitClub Network!”

Join Genesis Mining now!

Always use this code¬†“eYtBho”

Read More about Genesis Mining

HashFlare is a cloud mining service which provides you with hash power to mine and get daily payouts with a 1 year contract.

Start Now And Earn Daily Income!

Always in stock but not lifetime contracts ūüôĀ

Read more about Hash-Flare

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