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Where and how do I buy bitcoins?

Here are someways to obtain Bitcoins.

  • You can get bitcoins by accepting bitcoin as a form of payment / checkout at your online or physical stores.
  • You can get tipped / perform services for people who are willing to use bitcoin as a payment platform.
  • Buying / Exchanging them from big exchanges.
  • Mining them.

How do i buy / exchange Bitcoins ?

CoinBase (Get $10 for new users!)

I personally use Coinbase to buy and sell bitcoins, it is user friendly and transparent. It also supports ETH and LTC.

You can use my referral link and register upon $100 USD / $135 SGD you buy or sell we both will earn $10 USD / $13 SGD [Start now/here]

Coinbase will charge an amount of transaction fees when you use your bank / credit or debit card when purchasing bitcoins. Of course using your cards will have more transaction fees depending on your issuer rates.

Upon registration you will need to prove your identity for security reasons. Many hackers are able to get debit/credit cards by their methods and by buying bitcoins without identity, its clearly money laundering. So proving who you are and buying those coins would be safer but your identity is exposed to the company.

After verifying you will be allowed to start buying via your cards or bank accounts with limits. View more at their website.

For Singaporean in order to add a bank account you must register on this “virtual bank” .It is easy to use and fund transfers between your physical account and virtual account would take 5 mins – 24 hours depending on the volume being sent around always put your phone number in the transaction in order to proof and quickly verify your transactions .


Some people want to be hidden maybe doing some dark stuffs, so the other option of obtaining bitcoin is from “LocalBitcoins

It up to you to verify your identity. This way you can build up your reputation there. Some sellers tend to ask for your identity before making deals.

Buying Coins

Its is a peer to peer transaction meaning a seller wants to buy a product and you as a buyer wants to buy bitcoins and you have the product they desire, you will PM the seller and pass the seller the item he/she desire after, he/she verifies it the coins will be released by the seller. If the sellers fakes / tries to scam you, they can’t.

Why can’t they scam me?

Once they list the item they want to “trade” for bitcoins they must have the amount of coins to send into the escrow system so if the seller scams you, you can just ask for moderator to assist you and you will be instructed on the case

Escrow is an account separate from the mortgage account where deposit of funds occurs for payment of certain conditions that apply to the mortgage, usually property taxes and insurance.

You can do bank transfer to the seller / sell e-gift-cards  / pay in cash / sell in game items and many more interesting options, visit their website to know more!

Thank you for reading!

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