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*Click* You're Watched!

Malicious technique of tricking a Web user into clicking on something different from what the user perceives they are clicking on, thus potentially revealing confidential information or taking control of their computer while clicking on seemingly innocuous web pages.

How does it works ?

Classic on Facebook you will see your friend or somebody, messaging you or tagging you on a post saying something like ” Hey i saw you on “abcexample.com” is it true that what they says ? “. As a normal human being you will definitely be curious and click on that link. You will be redirected to a site showing you buttons which ask you to click before unlocking the content.

But once you click on the buttons it will be redirected to clicking something else.

This is an example 

Seems harmless right ? but actually they could gain information of your social media accounts or any valuable information to create serious damage.

How to prevent it ?

Sad to say, there’s not a whole lot you can do to prevent click-jacking unless you’re a website administrator. By far the most commonly recommended method of protecting yourself while you’re browsing is to use NoScript, Firefox add-on that prevents scripts from loading without specific authorization from you.

You also can use this browser to protect yourself.


Other programs / plugins

Ghostery, Disconnect, Policeman

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