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BitClub Networth

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Look at how Sunny Decree made 10 bitcoin! You could be like him! Let’s go!

Similar as buying mining contracts BUT Genesis mining contracts are always sold out and they sell Hash Powers,but BitClub Network sells you shares like buying shares in a company and getting paid daily. “Depending on luck and the difficulty of bitcoin mining.

It is very very easy to get started, Will post it on YouTube about how to get started and purchasing the membership $99 and the share pool is $500 so gotta stay tune guys!

Who is BitClub Network? Since 2014*

They helping to educate people on Bitcoin and the entire Digital Assets class.

Their goal is to provide many opportunities for BitClub members to take part in and one of the best ways to earn Bitcoin and other digital tokens is through their mining pools.

They also take up 1%+ of Hashrate distributions. They have their own mining pool. [www.BitClubPool.com]

How much can you profit from it?

You need to roughly get $600 to start off and the contracts runs for 1000 days = 2 years ++ about 3 years.

“Lets put it in the worst case scenario, each day you get 0.0005 BTC within 1000 days you get 0.5 Bitcoin, of course its only the worse case you will be getting more than 0.0005 depending on that day’s profit from mining and amount of share holders. Come on using $600 get you $3500 ++ depending on BTC Price. Its totally worth the investment.”

They are going to add in more Hash power for the next few months so the more they add the more profit we are getting! As long as you have shares you will profit. Short and Sweet!

Note* They do not allow registrations for the United States Of America so Rest of the world hurry up and join once they open up for USA, the website should explode.*

How does the whole investment Works/ Prices? “You can reinvest a.k.a Compounding Interest”  Meaning you will have infinite mining pool shares and making infinite of profits!

Bitcoin Mining Pools

Bitcoin Pool #1 — Each share cost $500 worth of Bitcoin and will pay daily. All shares pay you 50% of whatever is mined and then takes the other 50% to pay for expenses and additional mining shares.

Bitcoin Pool #2 — Same as Pool #1 except for each share cost $1,000 worth of Bitcoin and pays you 60% of whatever is mined and takes the other 40% to pay for expenses and additional mining shares.

Bitcoin Pool #3 — Same as Pool #1 except for each share cost $2,000 worth of Bitcoin and pays you 70% of whatever is mined and takes the other 30% to pay for expenses and additional mining shares.

Example: Using Mining Pool #1, if the total Bitcoin mined for the day was 0.1 BTC and there are 100 shares of the pool, then each share would earn 0.001 BTC for the day. From this total 50% of it gets paid directly to member wallet as profit (.0005 BTC) and the other 50% (.0005 BTC) is used to pay expenses and to purchase additional shares.


Now mining many other Digital Assets like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Monero, and Zcash. You can purchase a share of our GPU Mining Pool for either $1,000 USD or $5,000 USD worth of Bitcoin. These shares are valid for 2,000 days and will begin paying 30 days after purchase.

This pool DOES NOT have the option to purchase partial shares, which means you will earn 100% of your mining earnings each day. With this pool you can decide which coins you want to mine at any given time with full control over your hashing power. We believe this pool will be our most profitable because of how many different digital assets you can mine.

Am I only able to earn by buying shares?…

Nope , BitClub Network offers a variety of affiliation methods and the payouts are ridiculously high commission rates $.

Type of Affiliation marketing. Everybody would need a sponsor to start, so join me.

Why should you join me? I will help you understand how BitClub Network works and every questions you ask you will get an answer and addition information that may benefit you! I will do my fullest to give you the top tier customer service!

Below is the details about Affiliation! It’s attractive! Can you earn without affiliation? Of Course, you can earn without affiliation if you’re lazy to do marketing then just purchase mining pools and wait for money to come!!

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