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Anti-Virus? What is it?

Anti Virus is a software use to clear out unwanted / suspicious programs, immediately / when running scans, it all depend on the setting you configured.

How it benefits you.

Anti virus has been around for a long time, If you have anti virus you must update them to the latest version for it to be fully armed, the updates you gets are new forms of malware / bugs a.k.a “flaws” being found by people and reporting back to them so once you update the file any latest virus/malware will be automatically detected and erase.

When having anti-virus they protect you to the fullest depending on your setting used, the recommended settings / default are the best.

How i feel about anti virus.

I personally do not use Anti Virus UNLESS, i feel that something is wrong on my computer. I feel that anti virus take up lots of CPU power when running behind your background.

I am a gamer, when scans suddenly appear its “GG”, sometimes files get deleted and my programs aren’t able to run properly. I do use mining programs to mine bitcoins but those program is included in the programs that are malicious and harmful to the device so i do not use them.

They are expensive, but worth it. Imagine your computer being attacked by virus/malware your social media account being hacked, worse of all your company devices being attacked and millions dollars of maintenance you must spend for recovery and loss.

Prevent being attacked with or without anti virusĀ 

Its fully up to you to have an anti virus software paid or free or don’t even have them.

If you do not have Anti Virus.

  • Download files from trusted source.
  • If files are on the forum look out for Virus Scan “Links” being shown as proof that program is clean
  • Do not open / download attachments from email being sent by unknown source / suspicious email address. *Do check properly before attempt*

If you have Anti Virus.

  • Do daily/weekly quick scans when you boot your device.
  • Allowing immediate erase when harmful programs are found.
  • Do Deep scans instead of quick scans “May take hours” so i would recommend a weekly / monthly on this .

Thank you for reading!

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